I don’t get this question

Accepted Solution

This is a right triangle and to solve this you must use Pythagorean theorem:[tex]a^{2} +b^{2} =c^{2}[/tex]a and b are the legs (the sides that form a perpendicular/right angle)c is the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle)In this case...a = 60b = xc = 65^^^Plug these numbers into the theorem[tex]60^{2} +x^{2} =65^{2}[/tex]simplify3600 + [tex]x^{2}[/tex] = 4225Now bring 3600 to the right side by subtracting 3600 to both sides (what you do on one side you must do to the other). Since 3600 is being added on the left side, subtraction (the opposite of addition) will cancel it out (make it zero) from the left side and bring it over to the right side.3600 - 3600 + [tex]x^{2}[/tex] = 4225 - 36000 + [tex]x^{2}[/tex] = 625[tex]x^{2}[/tex] = 625To remove the square from x take the square root of both sides to get you...x = √625 x = 25(option C)Hope this helped!Just a girl in love with Shawn Mendes