Select the transformations of the graph of the parent rational function that result in the graph of g(x) = 1/ 2(x-3) + 1 a. Horizontal stretch by a factor of 2 Yes ___ No ___ b. Horizontal compressions by a factor of ½ Yes ___ No ___ c. Vertical stretch by a factor of 2 Yes ___ No ___ d. Vertical compression by a factor of ½ Yes ___ No ___ e. Translation 1 unit up Yes ___ No ___ f. Translation 1 unit down Yes ___ No ___ g. Translation 3 units right Yes ___ No ___ h. Translation 3 units left Yes ___ No ___

Accepted Solution

Answer:a. Nob. Noc. Nod. Yese. Yesf. Nog. Yesh. NoStep-by-step explanation:∵ When g(x) multiplying by a number < 1, then it compressed vertically∴ a. , b. and c. No but d. Yes∵ When the graph translated up b units we add g(x) by b∴ e. Yes f. No∵ When the graph translated right a units we put x-coordinate   of the function minus a∴ g. Yes and h. No