The height of a triangle is 2 units longer than it's base. If the area is 12 square units,what is the length of the base

Accepted Solution

The vase of the triangle would be x because it is unknown and the height would be x+2 because it is 2 more units than the base the formula for the area of a triangle is (base)(height)% 2 =area so (x)(x+2)%2=12 so then you have 1/2x^2+x=12 at this point I would move the 12 to the other side by subtracting to get 1/2x^2+x-12=0 then I would multiply it all by 2 to get x^2 + 2x-24 from there I would factor to get (x+6)(x-4) and your answers would be x= -6 and 4 and because 6 is negative it would not work because distances are always positive so the base would equal 4